Oct 21

Consumer behaviour cycles & crisis time.

Lessen anxiety, give more choices, give more value. Consumer engagement strategy for any industry has often focused on the post-crisis recovery phase.


Sep 29

Marketing challenges for Pharmaceuticals.

Pharma marketing gurus predict downward pressure on pricing and slowed market access for new drugs.


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A Little About Us

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We are passionate and dynamic team of marketing professionals coming from various industries (banking, FMCG, telecoms, retail e.t.c). Each and every of our consultants have years of practical success experience in client side. Some of well known projects in Brand Launch, Brand Value Management, Sales Team Productivity - were run by our team members.

With our motto "creativity from research" - our consultants are always on a top of professional knowledge and best practice from all over the world.

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“ MarkMAN / AZENTICA clearly has a keen ability for finding creative response to the market. They invest the time to get to know the company for whom they working and to learn about organization values and management`s expectations. Since they audited our channel communication strategy, we found that we`re getting better engagement with all parties in the channel. They have been very efficient, comprehensible and have gone the extra mile to ensure the success of our projects. ”

Lee Kimasava, Marketing, HSBC