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With today's hiring freezes, budget cuts and workforce reductions, companies are often left with the complex task of meeting performance objectives with fewer resources. At the same time, expectations are high for Marketing Professionals as companies turn to them for strategic advice to secure future bottom line.

Over the years, our consultants and analysts have worked with organizations in many industries - from FMCG to banking, retail, insurance, HR services, healthcare, telecom and more. Along the way we have developed and refined our methodologies and drawn upon industry best practices to ensure that we have a wide selection of proven approaches at hand, ready to apply to your specific Marketing Challenges.

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We are a one-stop service center for virtually all Marketing outsourcing needs, ranging from turnkey Brand Launch to Marketing Info Platform consulting or Sales Channel Deployment.

During extensive assignments on various marketing tasks we worked out the TOTAL IMPLEMENTATION CYCLE™. Which can be described shortly as - implementation of any project till reaching necessary results (increasing share, brand awareness, channel penetration, brand revenue/profit growth ...).
We do not take additional hour fees and always ready to go an extra mile.

Outsourcing marketing projects can save Your invaluable Time while gaining the best class marketing expertise in Your Team.


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OUR Services

“At all times MarkMAN / AZENTICA team has been professional, approachable and extremely helpful, these factors play a crucial part in the relationship we have with them and the way in which they outsource our marketing planning function. MarkMAN / AZENTICA provides exceptional goal oriented approach which results are often excedds our own and our investors expectations”

Hans Ragenfeld, Micronas