We are passionate and dynamic team of marketing professionals coming from various industries (banking, FMCG, telecoms, retail e.t.c). Each and every of our consultants have years of practical success experience in client side. Some of well known projects in Brand Launch, Brand Value Management, Sales Team Productivity - were run by our team members.

With our motto "creativity from research" - our consultants are always on a top of professional knowledge and best practice from all over the world.

Our aim is to work with our clients to help them achieve superior results amid the changes and challenges which face the brand buliding and sales process.

Unlike the big consultancies/ad agencies we do not want to run your projects for you. Our preference is to work with you as part of your project team, advising and training your staff, and passing on to them our skills and experience.



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“At all times MarkMAN / AZENTICA team has been professional, approachable and extremely helpful, these factors play a crucial part in the relationship we have with them and the way in which they outsource our marketing planning function. MarkMAN / AZENTICA provides exceptional goal oriented approach which results are often excedds our own and our investors expectations”

Hans Ragenfeld, Micronas.