MikeMikael Van Roufen - Managing Director

One of the forunders, Mike has a firm belief that ideas create energy in an organisation and that some of the greatest unsung marketing initiatives are diamonds, champagne and the Full English Breakfast. He's proud to lead the MarkMAN Consulting forward, onwards and upwards.


meliLiana Moritini - Managing Partner

Liana as a founder of AZENTICA joined our team following our recent merger. She started AZENTICA virtually from zero and led it to a very reputable marketing agency. It's this commitment that endears her to some of Europes biggest brands, from ABB to Mc'Bride, Mygros and Calvin Klein and many other acronyms. She specializes in all ways of media and communication.


andyAndrew Khlebnov - Managing Partner

Andrew works in the MarkMAN from the beginning. Started as a consultant now he covers two roles in the Company - Operations Director and Eastern Europe / Asia Director. His experience of more than 15 yrs. covers all aspects of strategic marketing in such giants like Nestle, Saint Gobain, Unilever, Nabisco. His main focus areas are branding / marketing strategy and consumer behaviour.


andyRobert Trentwood Jr - Managing Partner

Rob works in MarkMAN almost from the beginning. He joined the Firm in August 2001. Rob has sound experience in digital media and marketing . Prior to joining the Firm, Rob performed various PR and media roles in some of top US 200 fortune companies including CNN, WSJ and GE.


andyAndrea Carlstein - Managing Consultant

Andrea joined our firm in October 2005, and has been in the industry since 1996. She was involved in various research projects worldwide with such research giants like Nielsen and TNS.

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"At all times MarkMAN / AZENTICA team has been professional, approachable and extremely helpful, these factors play a crucial part in the relationship we have with them and the way in which they outsource our marketing planning function. MarkMAN / AZENTICA provides exceptional goal oriented approach which results are often excedds our own and our investors expectations".

Hans Ragenfeld, Micronas